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9 de julho de 2018
Instituto BBVA de Pensões

As pensões, os hábitos de poupança e o perfil do aforrador em Portugal

Resultados da sondagem “As pensões, os hábitos de poupança e o perfil do aforrador em Portugal” realizada pelo Instituto BBVA de Pensões.

1 de dezembro de 2015

Pensions at a Glance, 2015

This edition of Pensions at a Glance reviews and analyses the pension measures enacted or legislated in OECD countries between September 2013 and September 2015. It provides an in-depth review of the first layer of protection of the elderly, first-tier pensions, across countries and assesses the impact of short careers on pension entitlements. This edition analyses also the sensitivity of future replacement rates to parametric changes. As in past editions, a comprehensive selection of pension policy indicators is included as well as profiles of the pension systems for all OECD and G20 countries.
Published in December, 2015 by OECD. For more information use this link.

5 de outubro de 2015
Comissão Europeia

Pension Adequacy Report, 2015

This 2015 edition of the Pension Adequacy Report, published in two volumes, assesses the degree to which pensions manage to provide older people with adequate income and poverty protection. Having examined the role of pensions in current living standards, the report discusses the impact of recent pension reforms, analyses the future risks to adequate old-age incomes and makes suggestions as to how these risks might be addressed by Member States, notably by women and men postponing their retirement by working to higher ages and by saving more. The report also underlines the need for mechanisms to protect those unable to have sufficiently long careers and to save adequately.
Published in October, 2015 by European Commission. For more information use this link.

29 de janeiro de 2015
Comissão Europeia

The 2015 Ageing Report

The long-term projections provide an indication of the timing and scale of changes in economic developments that could result from an ageing population. The projections show where (in which countries), when, and to what extent ageing pressures will accelerate as the baby-boom generation retires and as the EU population continues to extend their life spans in the future. Hence, the projections are helpful in highlighting the immediate and future policy challenges for governments posed by demographic trends. The report provides a very rich set of information at the individual country level, compiled in a comparable manner. The comparability and reliability of the projections is a crucial aspect since they cover such a long time-span (until 2060).
Published in October, 2015 by the EC. For more information use this link.

6 de janeiro de 2014
Jorge Bravo; Lourdes Afonso; Gracinda Guerreiro

Avaliação Atuarial do Regime de Pensões da Caixa Geral de Aposentações

A sustentabilidade financeira futura da CGA depende da evolução esperada, mas
incerta, a longo prazo, de um conjunto numeroso de factores de natureza demográfica
e económica, dos quais depende a capacidade efetiva das gerações futuras
assumirem os encargos com as pensões das gerações de subscritores que as
antecederam. É por isso fundamental que, neste momento particular, se efetue uma
avaliação atuarial sistemática da sustentabilidade financeira do regime, aferindo a
relação entre o valor das responsabilidades sobre ele constituídas, pelas atuais
gerações de subscritores, e as condições materiais e objectivas nas quais as gerações
futuras estarão efetivamente em condições de materializar as respectivas fontes de

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